Date Night!


You could do with that:


Your average pricey fancy, dinner…

Or you could do with this:

File_000 (1)

Bonding moment, cheaper dinner, leftovers, a lasting memory, and a “unique” meal. The picture above was made during my first homemade dinner date! Complete with avocado tahnini, cucumber toast 😉

What could be more romantic and cute than making dinner with that special person in your life? (Okay may be like adopting a puppy together)

Making dinner together is a great way to spend time with another and work on that key to any good relationship…communication (cue the sponge bob rainbow). That’s right ladies and gentlemen not only will cooking together allow you to bond over a lovely meal, but it may also help you become more become a healthier happy couple! Share the responsibilities and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, these unconventional meal methods may lead to some great memories. Additionally, cooking together is great for any couple on a budget. Typically you can make about 2 times as much food as you get a restaurant for about same price or even less, depending on the ingredients. Try to pick a recipe or dish that you both really enjoy, or perhaps one of you makes the other person’s favorite dish and vice versa. Or if you’re feeling up for the challenge have a chopped competition. Give each person random ingredients and 20 minutes to whip up something extraordinary or “interesting”. Nonetheless, just turn up the Frank Sinatra, get cooking, and most importantly have fun!

This list of recipes are easy and pair nicely with one another. Since these dishes are for a romantic “date” night meal, each recipe works to take a simple dish to the next level. Lemon is added to some classic mash potatoes, a delicious avocado green sauce is added to a flank steak, fresh fruit garnishes a simple salad, and the night ends with decadently rich molten lava cake.

The recipes are listed below: I would start by boiling the potatoes, then while those are boiling away begin marinating the steak. Next prepare the chocolate lava cakes and place in oven. Cook the steak and while it is searing away prepare the potatoes, and finally finish with the salad.






























In case these don’t suit your fancy and you’d prefer something else try out this website:

This one is also pretty neat, because it basically allows you put in what ingredients you have on hand and what you can make with them:

Feel free to comment below with any questions or your favorite dinner date recipes or stories! 🙂

Written by: Molly Brennan


Sophomore in Dietetics

“Piece of pie is peace of mind.”


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