The Boiler Culinary Throwdown Saga Continues

I’m really excited to invite you all to the Boiler Culinary Throwdown, this Friday February 19th at 6pm in the Union Ballrooms on Purdue’s campus.We’ve been told it’s going to be a really crazy upbeat atmosphere, and there’s even going to be a DJ. Definitely come check it out and root for us, The Cornbread Mafia! Each team also gains points toward the People’s Choice award team if their fans bring in canned food to support Food Finders, the local food pantry.

Like the popular Food Network show Chopped, the Boiler Culinary Throwdown requires a secret ingredient to be incorporated into every round. This year, a variety of sugary breakfast cereals were chosen as the secret ingredient. I don’t want to give our teams recipes away, but I will tell you that we are incorporating Pops, Rice Krispies and Froot Loops into our three rounds of recipes. Using the secret in each of our dishes really stretched us out of our comfort zones and I think our recipes were a lot more creative because of that.

Our team is also really blessed because we are lucky enough to have the guidance from a former Boiler Culinary Throwdown winner, Sam Martinez! We got the inside scoop on everything about the Throwdown because he’s one of our fellow cooking instructors.


“It was pretty sweet winning this thing. I remember hearing about it my freshman year when one of the other few guys in our major asked if I wanted to compete and I turned him down because I had minimal cooking experience. Then naturally, I began cooking more, got a job in the demonstration kitchen, competed in the BCT in 2014 and ended up winning!

It was also pretty damn cool to see how my teammate’s ideas and mine were bouncing off each other and just creating cooler and cooler dishes by the time the competition came around. Being judged by Purdue’s FIRST chef was pretty sweet, and being able to beat our competitors from all sorts of different majors was cool too.

According to the demo kitchen’s team this year, it seems there are some major changes going on at this years competition. Mine was child’s play compared to this year’s. It seems that unlike our year where each team made 3 courses and all those dishes were judged, this year a team will be eliminated after each dish is judged! But with that being said, I know I’m going to be there. Not only to support my team, buuuuuut also because there is free samples… so yeah.” -Sam Martinez

By: Olivia Birlson

Senior in Dietetics and the Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program at Purdue University

Cooking Instructor



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