The City of Love: Carb Love, That Is

There were two things I knew about Paris before I went: Mary-Kate and Ashley went there and met cute boys, and  Paris is “the city of love.” I thought I knew what that clichéd phrase meant, star-crossed lovers and such. But then I walked into my first boulangerie, or French bakery-now that is true love. The walls were lined with baskets filled with every shape of bread imaginable. Every morning I ate a baguette for breakfast and let me just say, that was the best idea I’ve ever had. You haven’t truly had a baguette until you’ve had one in Paris.22787_967691559909615_2488125100636807044_n

But sadly, I’m not here to write about my love affair with bread. I’m here to tell you about a dish that’s just as essential in French cuisine as the baguette: the crepe. There are crepe shops scattered throughout the streets of Paris, with every flavor combination you can imagine. My fiancée, who was still my boyfriend at the time, had been to Paris before and always talked about this incredible crepe shop under the Eiffel Tower, so that’s where we decided to go. We walked up to the Eifel tower at dusk, bought a bottle of champagne, and toasted to our good fortune of being in such an incredible city.


So about this crepe…..Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for your mouth to water. Imagine a delicate, buttery batter cooked on a large cast iron griddle, folded and stuffed with creamy Nutella, ripe red strawberries, and topped off with a dollop of freshly whipped cream. It’s the closest to heaven your mouth will ever get. And ever since that night, I’ve thought about that crepe; I’ve tested many recipes and I’m finally getting close, so as soon as I have made a breakthrough I’ll post my recipe. That just means you’ll have to follow our blog to find out!  I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my travels to the City of Love, there’s more where that came from!


By: Olivia Birlson

Senior in Dietetics and the Certificate in Entrepreneurship Program at Purdue University

Cooking Instructor



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