Welcome to Broiler Up!

It is the beginning of a new chapter for the Demonstration Kitchen at Purdue University! For those who have been left in the dark for the past four years, the Frances A. Cordova Recreational Sports Center, on the beautiful Purdue campus, actually HAS a demonstration kitchen!!! Right when you walk past the members services desk and swipe your ID to get in, just past the main stairs you can see our little kitchen through the window!

This site is here not only to provide recipes, videos, travel and restaurant reviews, but also to help get the word out about our demonstration kitchen. We are a kitchen run by college students FOR college students. Of course we welcome anyone affiliated with Purdue, but no matter the complexity of the demo or the recipes, we will always try to provide information that is useful to the Purdue community, whether you live on campus, off campus, are a professor, or just a friend! We try to use our love for food and nutrition to help you reach a better quality of life!

Through this site and through our accompanying social media sites, you will be able to stay on top of the whereabouts of the demonstration kitchen, see our scheduled demo schedule AND register for demos, read reviews and travel articles, watch how-to videos, check recipes from the kitchen, and recipes that we simply wish to share with the world! If you have any recipes you want to see us make, or some how-to you’d like learn, tell us about it in our “Requests” section!

Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you soon!


-Sam Martinez, DTR


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